How to Model Railroading on a Budget

Model railway

Most people like to think that model railroading is a rich man’s hobby. Well, it’s beginning to look like it because prices of model railroads are rising with every new release. But, when it comes to the model trains’ performance and details, you usually get your money’s worth. However, fun and satisfaction … Read more

Best Tools for Making Model Trains


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced railway modeller, getting the best tools is essential for building your dream train set. From the smallest to the largest items, all these have specific uses that can make the job easier. What’s great is that you may even have some of the equipment in … Read more

Introduction to Lionel Trains

Lionel Train box design in the 1950s

Lionel is probably the most famous name in the model railroad industry. Since 1900, the company manufactured model trains as well as model railroading accessories. Lionel is well-known for their O-gauge model railroad product line, and this includes realistic models of freight cars, engines, passenger cars, buildings, cabooses, as well as other … Read more

Tips for Maintaining Your Model Train Track

An image of a model train locomotive unit exiting a warehouse.

As with any hobby you invest time and money in to, model trains and their respective model tracks need regular and thorough maintenance and cleaning if they are expected to keep running without any unwanted hiccups. Fortunately, when it comes to model tracks, they are much easier to look after when compared … Read more

Guide to Model Train Scenery

An example of a good blend of scenic landscaping (with mountains in the background) and urban props (warehouse or train station in the foreground).

As exciting as it is to set up a functioning model train along with its associated railway tracks, the look can never be really complete without any scenery around it to give it that coveted artistic perfection. Sure, watching your trains whiz along the tracks, flawlessly switching to adjacent tracks and completing … Read more

Tips for Maintaining Your Model Train

A relatively simple model train and track set, complete with miniature houses and landscapes.

People entering the world of a new hobby that has recently taken their fancy often find themselves wondering what tips a beginner might need before foraying in to this new and fascinating world. From building huge cities and towns from Lego in their basements or crafting exquisite pieces from a log of … Read more