Buying a Model Train Set on a Budget

A model train track

Model trains, although super interesting, cost a lot of money. With each new release of a different model, the prices seem to get higher and higher. However, the more money you invest in these trains, the better their quality is. Therefore, you truly get what you pay for. This is not to … Read more

Finding Lionel Train Sets Today

a Lionel train set with many other products

In 1900, Lionel Trains were founded by Joshua Lionel Cowan. As a 114 years old legendary toy train manufacturer, Lionel Trains LLC produces ready-to-run train sets, train cars, locomotives, track and power, and accessories. Their high-quality products make the brand the first choice of toy train hobbyists, all around the world. Packed … Read more

Are There Automated Trains?

The Dubai Metro with fully automated trains

The talks of heavy rail getting autonomously driven have been in the discussion among tech experts and leaders around the globe. More and more metro systems worldwide are now operated automatically, even reaching o the highest Grade of Automation (GoA4). However, in heavy rail operation, it is only at the starting level … Read more

What are Some of the Famous Railways in the World?

Manarola, Cinque Terre - train station in famous village with colorful houses on cliff over sea in Cinque Terre

Railways are a vital part of many countries’ transportation systems. They provide a fast, efficient way to move people and goods from one place to another. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most famous railways in the world. These railways have been instrumental in shaping history, … Read more

Tips for Setting Up a Model Train in the Basement

vintage modern railway

If you are planning to build a model train, the first task that you need to accomplish is to determine the best place to build it. There are lots of possible options for this, such as in lofts, garages, spare rooms, and basements. The most ideal location for you will depend on … Read more

Learn the Interesting History of Thomas the Tank Engine

the prototype belonging to the LB&SCR E2 class in which the character ofThomas was based on

We all love the nostalgia and innocence of the 50s cartoons and beyond. Nevertheless, as we age, we can’t help but wonder what kind of shows we were really watching as kids. Back then, we never really cared about the stuff beyond the artistic display and comical turns of events in the show. Thanks … Read more

Tips for Taking Video of Your Model Train

Making videos of model trains is one of the most interesting hobbies

Collecting and building up model trains can be one of the best hobbies. With a vast history of the railroad, there can be plenty of models you can collect and add to your collection. In case you plan to show your collection on social media, it would be always better to do … Read more

What Tools Are Needed for Building Model Trains

A model train with landscapes

Railway modeling in Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and UK or model railroading in the US and Canada is a hobby where the train transport systems are modeled on a reduced scale. The scale models include the scale model of trains includes rolling stock, locomotives, signaling, tracks, streetcars, cranes. In landscapes, it includes … Read more

Tips for Painting Your Model Train

Paint Brushes

Model train enthusiasts are always in search of new models and spend a considerable amount of time painting to make them stand out. Back in the day, there was just one way of painting model trains and that was by using a brush, which was both time-consuming and hectic.  Today, you have … Read more

What are the Best Trips to Take by Train in the United States?

What are the Best Trips to Take by Train in the United States?

There’s a distinct appeal and vibe in traveling by train in the United States. The country is brimmed with spectacular trips from vintage and regional railroad companies, organized tours, and curated events. These US train trips will not only let you admire the beauty of the locomotive itself but also the rich … Read more