Using Natural Items for Model Railroad Scenery

Kiev Children's Railway. Museum

One of the most important things to make your model train set look realistic and impressive is to create a backdrop that is just as impressive as the train. One of the ways that you can achieve it is by using natural items. Most people go straight towards styrofoam and resin. However, … Read more

What are the Best Trips to Take by Train in the United States?

What are the Best Trips to Take by Train in the United States?

There’s a distinct appeal and vibe in traveling by train in the United States. The country is brimmed with spectacular trips from vintage and regional railroad companies, organized tours, and curated events. These US train trips will not only let you admire the beauty of the locomotive itself but also the rich … Read more

How to Take Great Pictures of Your Model Railroads

A model railroad in a convention

Working on model railroads is no doubt a lovable hobby. It is an ideal activity both for adults and children, wherein it could be a great way to boost creativity and relieve stress. Creating a model railroad gives you a sense of achievement, which you can showcase to your friends and family … Read more

The History of Model Trains

green mountains, red model train, tall pine trees, metal track

There is no denying that kids from different generations love model trains or toy trains. Receiving these is such a delight, especially during the Christmas season. When model trains were introduced to young children, their fascination with them continues to stay until growing up. For some children, model trains are a way to reminisce … Read more

Unique Activities to Make the Most of Your Model Trains

A model train, along with a beautiful scenery

Model trains are no doubt an exciting hobby. Every time you work on your kits, it offers a great experience to test your crafting skill and creativity in designing and assembling your train. Once you are done, you can put it on display, giving a good feeling as you watch your train … Read more

Making a Model Railroad at Home

Making a Model Railroad at Home

You can’t be the only one who’s always awestruck whenever there’s a model railroad right before your eyes. Model railroads, along with model trains, are such an exciting view to gander at, especially when they start operating. The possibilities when it comes to creating a model railroad are endless. Think of a … Read more

Guide to Model Train Scenery

An example of a good blend of scenic landscaping (with mountains in the background) and urban props (warehouse or train station in the foreground).

As exciting as it is to set up a functioning model train along with its associated railway tracks, the look can never be really complete without any scenery around it to give it that coveted artistic perfection. Sure, watching your trains whiz along the tracks, flawlessly switching to adjacent tracks and completing … Read more